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PME Fun Fonts Cupcake & Cookies Collection 1


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Fun Fonts – Cupcakes and Cookies Stamping Set: the perfect set of stamps to personalise any edible material including sugarpaste, marzipan and even more. Smaller in size than the regular Fun Fonts, making them perfect for using on smaller edibles such as cupcakes and cookies. With 26 uppercase letters, 26 lowercase letters, numbers and symbols stamps the possibilities are endless.

Placing your letters also couldn’t be easier with the light see through blue plastic. The stamp also comes with an easy grip handle and a centre line to ensure a straight line finish on all your creations. The stamps come in a tidy storage box to keep them safe and easily stored away for your next use.

Complete set of 66 pieces including 26 upper case, 26 lower case letters, number 0 – 9 and symbols &, !, ? and #.

Reverse side of each stamp shows appropriate letter, difference between upper and lower case, directional arrow and a central line to assist with positioning.