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Ready to Use Icing Decoration – Red



Ready-to-use icing decoration to cover and decorate cakes, pies and pastries such as biscuits.
The icing is in a practical, resealable bottle, which can be equipped with the most standard adapters and nozzle to achieve even more possibilities for decorations.

Coupler & Nozzle not included.

Ingredients: Sugar, hydrogenated coconut oil, water, glucose syrup, stabiliser; Corn starch E-1422, emulsifier; Mono and diglycerides E-471, preservative; Potassium sorbate E-202, emulsifier; Polysorbate E-435, salt, colouring, Acidity regulator E-330, stabiliser; Glucono delta lactone E-575, Aroma.

* List of colouring agents

RED; (E-129)
PINK; (E-120)
SKY BLUE; (E-133)
BLUE; (E-131)
YELLOW; (E-102)
GREEN; (E-102, E-131)
LIME GREEN; (E-102, E-131)
FUCHSIA; (E-120, E129)
ORANGE; (E-110)
BLACK; (E-102, E-110, E-124, E-131, E-151)
PURPLE;(E-122, E-131)
WHITE; (E170)