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Gelatine Powder



Pure bovine gelatin powder, made of cow skin, with a bloom of 150. Bloom is the gelling power of gelatin, this value is important for the quality. These values are generally between 50 and 300. The value indicates the gelling power or firmness of the gelatin.

Gelatin powder is suitable to bind and strengthen cream, mousse, bavarois, pudding and fruit jellies. Per liter of product 20 grams of gelatin powder is needed in order to obtain a good reinforcement and 40 gram for a detached pudding.

Ingredients: beef gelatine (E441). Bloom 150. Halal certified.

Preparation: Add the needed amount of gelatin powder to the liquid. Heat to 40°C so that the gelatin dissolves. Caution: do not boil! Let the mixture cool down and stiffen in the cooling.
Gelatin cannot be used in combination with the following fresh fruits: pineapple, kiwi, papaya, mango and ginger.