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FunCakes Mix for Buttercream 500g


With this mix you easily make a delicious, creamy buttercream yourself. The cream is ideal for filling and covering (fondant) cakes and, thanks to its firmness, also works perfectly for piping cupcake swirls or buttercream flowers.


Sugar, modified starch, whey powder (milk), dextrose (wheat), glucose syrup (dried), gelling agent: E339, E450, E516, E401, emulsifier: E435, salt, thickener: E415, flavouring (milk).


Just add water and butter to this mix and you get a delicious, creamy buttercream. Buttercream is often used to fill and cover cakes. When you want to cover your cake with fondant, we recommend to first cover it with a thin layer of buttercream. Prefer a nice naked cake or double barrel covered with buttercream? By covering the cake in two or three phases, and letting it stiffen in the fridge in between, you are assured of a perfectly straight end result. Due to the firmness of the cream, you can also use it to pipe beautiful buttercream flowers or swirls on cupcakes. Keep your cupcakes in the refrigerator too so that the swirls remain nice and firm. Let them come to room temperature before use for a delicious, soft and creamy result.

This buttercream is easy to colour. Add the food colouring during the last step of the preparation process to make sure the colour is ​​well incorporated throughout. It is also nice to vary in taste by adding flavour to the buttercream.

Prepared FunCakes buttercream can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days, but what few people know is that you can also freeze the cream! This also applies, for example, to buttercream flowers that have already been sprayed.

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