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Eternity Lace Mat by Claire Bowman


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A 3-part lace mat that combines buds, flowers and embroidery for an altogether nature inspired finish.

A new type of lace mat that truly replicates the different layers and depths that real lace has. A 3-D design that allows select key features to stand out from the rest of your edible lace.

You can attach Cake Lace using a little water on your sugarpaste.

The Serenity Cake Lace mat can also be used as an impression mat.

How to use:

Pour 80 to 100grams of Magic Decor into an electric food mixer and add enough water at the temperature of 40-45°C and mix at medium speed for 2 minutes. This will result in a creamy mixture. With the help of a scraper distribute a small quantity of the mixture onto the lace mat. Allow to dry for 3 to 4 hours in room temperature, until the perfect consistency is reached or for faster drying bake in the oven @ 120 degrees Celsius for 5 to 7 minutes.. Proceed to gently demould the lace decoration by starting from the corner of the mat using a scraper.

When the Cake Lace is ready to be released, place face down on a greaseproof paper. Release with help of your scraper.

Any Cake Lace mixture that is left can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Cake lace will remain pliable for many months.

Cake lace can be coloured using powder or gel pastes to achieve pastel colours. Airbrush or spray to achieve dark colours.

We recommend storing the finished Cake Lace in some grease-proof paper, wrapped closely. Then wrap that in foil, and store away from strong lights and odours.

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