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Double Barrel Stencil – Wisteria


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Double Barrel Cake Stencil.

Design Size: 9″ high x 16″ / 22 cm. x 40 cm. Stencil Size; 9.25″ x 17.32 / 23.5 x 44 cm,

This design is very easy to use. Recommended for beginners.

Flexible, resistant and durable excellent quality material. For using with royal icing, buttercream or airbrush. The thickness of the stencil and the openwork of the design will help you to make your cake more neat. Non-toxic material, suitable for contact with food. It is not acetate.

Tip1: Make sure that your cake is straight and even and that the stencil is all in contact with your cake, without spaces.
Tip 2: Use the royal icing or buttercream to fill the open spaces and leave it the same thickness as the stencil. This stencil is designed for this.
Tip 3: You can use a plastic card (like credit cards) that are small and flexible and easy to work.