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Deadly Soiree Mini Baking Cups


100 DEADLY SOIREE mini cupcake baking cases by Wilton USA

  • ideal for mini cupcakes, petites fours, canapes, chocolates, cocktail snacks, treats et
  • great design for Halloweeen and goth themed parties
  • spider with day of the dead skull center on base, skulls and swirls around the sides – all against a black background
  • average contents 100
  • food approved crimped paper with grease proof finish
  • PLEASE NOTE SIZE – small, petits fours size cases
  • approx 3cm / 30mm / 1¼” diameter base
  • approx 2cm / 20mm / ¾” deep
  • diameter of top varies as cases will naturally open
  • fit most standard MINI cupcake pans / tins
  • microwave safe
  • retail packed
  • shade accuracy – please remember colours shown are representative only and will look different on different PC monitors and tablet / phone screens
  • QUALITY INFO – the performance of all baking cases relies as much on cake mix recipe, ingredients, oven temperature, ambient temperature and humidity as much as the cases themselves.  Quality, measured purely in terms of thickness of paper.