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Blossom Dust – Terracotta


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This blossom tint dust is ideal for brushing or painting onto your icing flowers, decorations and cakes. Brush onto flowers or decorations for a natural and subtle look; keep adding dust to build up the color as it is easier to add than take away! For best results, put a little dust onto some kitchen paper and take up some dust on a brush, gently wipe the brush on the kitchen paper to take off some of the excess dust then brush over your decoration or flower. For vibrant shades, dust over flowers that have been made with a colored sugar paste/flower paste. This dust can be mixed with other colors to create even more shades and can be used to paint on cakes and decorations by mixing first with a little Rejuvenator Spirit or Dipping Solution. You could also use the dust to color marzipan and white chocolate.

Edible dusting color in 7ml vial.