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A4 Decor Plus Edible Paper (Icing Sheet)



Decor Paper Plus is a high quality edible paper for cake decoration. It has a smooth white surface which results in brilliant color prints.  Decor Paper Plus got a subtle sweet vanilla taste.

Use Decor Paper Plus on all cake surfaces, including whipped cream and butter cream. Create a thin layer of chocolate or jam on the backside of the sheets. All applications should be tested before producing a large batch.

Caution: We suggest to place the cake topper only moments before presentation of the cake. Use dry cooling and do not store in a cake box. Humidity will cause the sheets to wave and colours to run.

Thickness of Decor Paper Plus is approx. 0,50 – 0,60 mm.

Store dry at 18 – 22 °C.

Send you image by email sales@cakecraft.com.mt preferably in Word Doc.