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Decora 3D House Plastic Cookie Cutter


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Size: Pasta cutter 6,5 x 12,5 x 2,2 h cm – Assembled house 4,5 x 5,5 x 5 h cm

Make a 3D house with two simple steps. This pastry cutter provides all sides to assemble a lovely little house! Cut out the dough twice and assemble the various pieces obtained. You can use royal icing as a glue. The decorator will mark the doors and windows on the dough, so as to give you a guideline for an easy one decoration. Cut the shortcrust pastry 2 times to obtain all the pieces of the cottage. Separate the shapes obtained before cooking the shortcrust pastry. We advise you to freeze the shortcrust pastry for a few minutes before separating the shapes; in this way you won’t run the risk of deforming the pieces of the house. Build the house by first assembling the front with the side walls. You can use real icing as a glue! Complete with the front or back left. Position the roof. Have fun at decorare your cottage.