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Marzipan and sugarpaste quantities

26th Aug 2012

These are the amounts of marzipan and or sugarpaste you will need to cover one cake, if you are covering more than one then you will need less than the amounts for each cake added together, as you will be able to reuse the trimmings.




Cake sizes
Round Square Ball Marzipan & Sugarpaste Quantities – 5mm (3/16in) thickness
7.5cm (3in) 275g (10oz)
10cm (4in) 7.5cm (3in) 10cm (4in) 350g (12oz)
12.5cm (5in) 10cm (4in) 425g (15oz)
15cm (6in) 12.5cm (5in) 13cm (5in) 500g (1lb 2oz)
18cm (7in) 15cm (6in) 750g (1lb 10oz)
20cm (8in) 18cm (7in) 15cm (6in) 900g (2lb)
23cm (9in) 20cm (8in) 1 kg (2¼lb)
25.5cm (10in) 23cm (9in) 1.25kg (2¾lb)
28cm (11in) 25.5cm (10in) 1.5kg (3lb)
30cm (12in) 28cm (11 in) 1.75kg (3¾lb)
33cm (13in) 30cm (12in) 2kg (4½lb)
35.5cm (14in) 33cm (13in) 2.25kg (4lb 15oz)



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