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CMC/Tylo Powder – 60g


Preparation of CMC – Tylo Powder

1.for firming sugar paste: use approx. 3 g (1 teaspoon) CMC – Tylo Powder on 250 g sugar paste. Knead well and process the sugar paste as desired.


To make edible glue: use a ratio of 1 to 30, use 1 part CMC – Tylo Powder to 30 parts water. Let the mixture rest overnight before using.

CMC – Tylo Powder can be added to sugar paste to strengthen it. It is edible and can therefore be safely used in food. It allows you to model with sugar paste more easily and to make your paste dry faster. This is especially useful when creating figures, bows or other refined decorations that need to harden well. You can also use it to make edible glue.


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